Reit (Real Estate Investment Trust)


We are a NATIONAL BUILDERS NETWORK group of Real Estate Investors looking to develop and expand our operations. We will have the privilege of having top Successful Real Estate Investors share their experiences and also teach us what we need to know.

If you want to get involved with a TEAM of real estate investors and invest in large scale projects in your local area and out of state? We are the team. You will be trained and mentored by investors who are doing wholesales, multi-family dwelling acquisitions, rehabs/fix and flips, foreclosures, short-sales, cash flow rentals and much more. These instructors are actual investors themselves who are in the trenches every day and know what WORKS!

To hold a chair on our NATIONAL BUILDERS NETWORK group of Real Estate Investors your initial seat is $1,500.00 annually, subject to change. There are twenty-eight(28) seats available on this board which is a REIT(REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST). After your account is set up by our Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners and CPA. Then your financial investment and property acquisition is unlimited(subject to approval). You will need to have a proven, certified, licensed and professional Property Management Team(PMT) and/or choose from a list of our well-qualified and/or owned proven, certified, licensed and professional Property Management Team(PMT) which are subject to State and County regulations as all transactions are subject to FTC and SEC compliancy. Aside from core membership, franchise partnership is also available and buy-in are subject to similar set-up and regional/zone activities. Our chair and partnerships are developing channels, a an agent management team will take you through the process of complete set-up, establishment and roll-out strategies. We are here to get you started and help you securing a future based on sound and wise business principles. Go ahead and act quickly, fill our this form and an agent will contact you shortly.


We have available marketer positions for individuals that are interested. You can earn up to $10,000 per month part time if you work hard. Having sales experience is preferred but not required. If you have a wide network of people and you love helping people, then this position is right for you. If you are a “go-getter” or highly motivated individual, you can easily do this. You will train and assist us with expanding and invest part-time and earn huge profits. Business, sales or real estate experience is preferred but not required.

You can choose to do either or both (preferred for long term wealth and residual income). This is about being your own boss (1099 position not a W-2) and making the proper changes to drastically change your future.

We teach people how to retire as millionaires and fire their boss. We have a team environment, best training, automated system and unlimited support. There is a potential for you to make up $100K + 1st Year!