Mission Services

The Ministries of the Word

(Acts Chapter 1-5)

imgWe will continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. We will preach and teach to those who believed the doctrine of the Lord. We will filled our eyes, our life, our city and our land with the doctrine of the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will preach and teach the doctrine of the kingdom of God as the fear of the Lord will come upon every soul: and many wonders and signs will be done in His names. We will teach and preach repentance from sin and the witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. That we will do everything to depend and protect the people of the Lord that they will be no more children, to be tossed back and forth, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, who are lying in wait to deceive them. We will teach ours and charge them that they teach no other doctrine but that they abide in sound doctrine.

Our activity during this period is designed to show what it was like to have the kingdom of God present. We will cast out demons, evil spiritual forces that opposed whatever was good for humankind. The kingdom of God meant the overthrow of the kingdom of evil. Where ever we go, evil retreats.

Our teaching shall be a continuation of what Jesus began to preach and teach until the day he was taken up and the Holy Spirit was given to us, to preach to the outsiders, to “Repent and believe the gospel. The time is at hand and the kingdom of God is upon you.” And to the followers, it is “follow the precepts of God as it was taught on the Sermon on the Mount” (Matt. 5-7). Most of all it is to love the Lord Your God with all our hearts, and to love your neighbors as ourselves. Foremost, we will proclaim that “Jesus Christ is Lord”.

Our Ministries to human need shall consist of the following; we will healed the sick, including healing of fever, leprosy, deafness, inability to speak, blindness, paralysis, congenital illnesses, and others. We will work with God who cares for his creation; we will become the concrete embodiment of that care. Everywhere we go, disease must retreats. We will minister to every kind of human need. We will encouraged the weak, fed the hungry, calmed raging storms, blessed normal human life with the Lord’s presence (weddings, worship, travel, etc.), raised the dead, and brought peace where trouble existed. Where ever we go, human need retreats. We will graciously allow for a spectrum of discipleship. We understand that people were disciples who will stay at home; some will leave everything in order to be with us; some followed us for a while to learn and then returned to their usual occupation; some will stay at home for a while and then joined us later–it really did not matter. God wants us to be ourselves. He sanctifies our lives just as they are, as long as we give them to him. He fills our lives with meaning and purpose. Where ever we go, meaninglessness and despair retreat.

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Schedule of Weekly Events

The following activities are representative of our Ministerial assignments and appointments:

  • Regular Sunday Services
  • Weekly meeting of our local church eldership, local leadership and church governments and affiliate ministries (Prophetic Round Table)
  • Weekly Bible Study for Youth and Adults
  • Weekly Prayer Meetings & School of Ministries
  • On-going Training
  • Friday Night Family & Youth Services with extra-curricular activities
  • Weekend Band Rehearsal & Outreach Evangelization

Upcoming Events

  • Monthly Prayer Breakfast
  • Monthly Church Business Luncheon
  • Quarterly Conferences
  • On-going Appreciations & Honorary Events
  • Anniversaries and Holiday festivities (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday etc.)