Hyacinth Prophetic Foundation

  • The Training of Leadership
  • The Training of Prophets
  • Creating Atmospheres for the Prophetic Spirit
  • Creating Atmosphere for an International fellowship
  • Developing Ranks of Allies
  • Inaugurate a Consortium (a conference of Senior & Junior Prophets and Associates that meets, fellowship & further it objectives) it is more than a presbytery, it is a company and a college; it is a village in the city. It is a Church within the Church within the Nation.

In order for us to achieve the goals set before us by the Lord, our services are offered to the churches in the following format:

  • Events/Engagements
  • Bible College
  • Bible School
  • Conference
  • Seminars
  • Business & Financial Services on a periodic basis

Our world-renowned services can be easily accessed by contacting our main office by using the contact corporate information provided online, by signing-up online for up to date information and e-mail contact, by becoming an active member or ministry partner. You can also pre-register Online for our on-going events, classes, conferences and seminars which occur on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis.

  • Schedule
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Fellowshipping
  • Group Fellowship and Freedom of Association
  • Teachings
  • Sharing of our Faith
  • Monitoring our birth and growth as a church
  • Receiving offerings

Crusades & Conferences

  • Leadership Seminars & Kingdom Training
  • Schools & Colleges (PLSU) – affiliates welcome
  • Virtual Camps & Spiritual Villages (Internet Services)
  • Music Fest
  • International Fellowship & Consortium
  • Partnership & Networking (Support & Relief)
  • Multi-Marketing Programs- (opportunities)